About t2southafrica


Focussing on selling travel products and services to people all around the world, T2southafrica offers a range of premium travel services such as ticketing and customised travel packages. There are various other additional services that are given to its customers which include passport assistance, access to better terrain and activities, and entertainment options. These offerings are part and parcel of the value added advantages that the company offers in addition to its expertise, competitive rates and focus on your travel needs.

Our company provides customised group and individual packages to all types of clients including corporate clients or leisure seeking individuals. A brief summary of our services include travel consultation, pre arranged customized tours, special packages, lodging reservations, booking of car rentals as well as train tickets and various other travel related services.

Integrating all the components of South African tourism in its folds, the company aims to provide the best of what there is to offer and differentiate itself as a premier travel agency in South Africa. We have a massive pool of data that we have organized in order to address each and every one of your needs that can well be described into two dimensions- descriptive detail with visuals and commercial data that is helpful for both the traveller as well as the tour agents.


Our Objective


With actual destination data from over 300 places in South Africa, we strive in perfecting out the day to day travel business operations. With a list of set coordinates in place such as human talent pool, infrastructure, local expertise and local as well as various other language experts, we aim to build the foundations of a successful destination management system. A successful organization of these coordinates help in the economic development of the destination too. Thus, if said in a nutshell, Our main aim is to provide not only traditional but real time day to day information about the place to all our travellers as well as our travel agents so as to provide a successful trip to all our clients.


Distribution Strategy


Focused on a target market that includes both national as well as international clients, t2southafrica aims at establishing its presence as a premier travel agency in the world community.




T2southafrica has established relationships with providers of travel related products and services. Various major ticketing agencies, most of the big hotel chains, renowned and professional transporters and above all local travel agents have been selected as our supplier after a careful screening process. Our professionals continuously evaluate all sourcing jobs to ensure one of the best experiences for you. We also believe in taking advantage of trade shows, travel industry publications, and other sources of industry related information to monitor the quality of its offering.   




t2southafrica is in itself a tool which runs on a state of the art technology. We have tools to monitor each component of a travel plan. It increases the speed and efficiency with which we can communicate with the suppliers and also with the customers. The unique operating strategy and the choice of the suppliers ensure that we are on the right path to achieve what we intend to achieve.


Competitive Comparison


With the travel agency market becoming more and more competitive, and advent of new technologies, namely the Internet and Computerized Reservation Systems (CRS), operations of many a travel agencies have changed. The Internet gives agencies and individuals the ability to perform travel related research. Moreover, industry competition and the increased number of travel options available have made it necessary for travel operator to carry out their back office operations, client relationship management and supply chain management in a professional and organized manner. T2southafrica has done this by investing hugely in an efficient Information Technology infrastructure and involving expert professionals from the related fields so that no part of your trip is compromised in any way.

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